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Version cache (web administrator only)

Current version: 256 (13th January 2024)

Version descriptor:
- Removed page 'football'
- Added New CMS functionality

The old 'Videos' page which required the entry of data through the Wix dashboard with full permissions enabled, using the Wix Video Box plugin, has now been removed.
A new CMS system has been developed to add videos using a custom backend dashboard page using a custom CMS form (with write permissions at this stage currently). This allows for a custom title, image and video link instead of the default YouTube video settings being pulled in directly from Youtube.
A new 'Videos' page then pulls this data from a dataset located on the backend and displays it in a cleaner, modern look.
Old permissions on Dashboards have now been updated.

Custom fonts:
- Playfair Display Family
- Clash Display Family

Web engine: Wix version 4.

Version cache should not include the updates for global settings, including notification banners shown at the top of the page. These should be ignored and the version following that will be updated in this page.

Admin console: access through dashboard using your login. If you have not got one please contact Oliver.

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